UtahFutures FAQ

Q. Why is UtahFutures retiring?

As an outcome of the 2019 legislative session, Utah legislators made the decision to transition many education and career services provided by UtahFutures to Talent Ready Utah.

Q. When did UtahFutures retire?

UtahFutures.org retired on June 15, 2020

Q. Will counselors or advisors have access to UtahFutures?

No. All accounts will be closed June 1, including those with administrative access.

Q. Can I retrieve information from my account?

The only information you can retrieve at this point is your Resume and Cover Letter; click here for instructions.

Q. What will happen to user data on UtahFutures after June 1, 2020?

User data and accounts will be disabled.

Q. Who will provide UtahFutures?

Talent Ready Utah selected Keys to Success to provide college and career advising tools.

Q. Are there any tools I can still use that were on UtahFutures?

There are some tools still available. Click here for more info.

Q. Where can I find information on UtahFutures that is provided by a third-party?

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about UtahFutures.org?

Please email utahfutures@uen.org until June 30, 2020.