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  • Applied Mathematics
    By the end of the Applied Mathematics module, you will have learned about basic mathematical number sense, singe-step problem solving, multi-step problem solving, reasoning, and geometry.
  • Internet Use and Safety
    The Internet Use and Safety Module contains five different lessons that focus on security, netiquette, risks, social media, and digital information.
  • Locating Information
    The Locating Information module contains five topics that teach users how to find, understand, summarize, compare, apply, and draw conclusions with information. In this module you will analyze and explore data.



  • Reading for Information
    In this module, you will learn about main idea, details, word meanings, jargon, directions and much more. Reading for Information contains five topics that are laid out in chapters in this digital book design.
  • Understanding Health, Wellness, and Safety
    The Understanding Health, Wellness, and Safety module has been designed to teach users about their physical fitness, healthy habits, their mental wellness, and safety in the workplace.


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