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Outreach Kit

With support from American Graduate: Getting to Work, UtahFutures has developed content to raise awareness of resources and strategies that are helping Utahns find meaningful employment and improve alignments between educational attainment and job openings in high-demand, high-wage occupations. American Graduate is a national project made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Learn more about the UtahFutures American Graduate project.

Considering Careers

Utahns describe how technical education has helped them on the path to meaningful employment and the lives they want. (appx. 2 minutes each)

CC Social Media

American Graduate: Attention to Detail (Dalton)
American Graduate: Life-changing Scholarships (Kelly)
American Graduate: Pathway to a Dream (Tyler)
American Graduate:
Creative Problem-Solving (Bradley)

American Graduate:
Balancing School, Work, Life (Anna)

American Graduate:
Enjoyable Education (Bennett)

Financial Turnaround (Kasidi Havens)

American Graduate:
My Time (Yesenia)

Plan Your Path

Nine videos designed for social media spotlight different resources. (10 seconds each)

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