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Women Tech Council

If you've heard of SheTech Explorer Day, a conference for high school girls to interact with different companies that have technology at their core, you've witnessed Women Tech Council's initiatives in action! 

Women Tech Council (WTC) is a powerhouse organization to watch. Founded in 2007, WTC integrates mentoring, visibility and networking for women.  Bridging and connecting communities is at their core. Not only does WTC network and and provide leadership and sponsorship opportunites for women in and surrounding technology roles, but a large part of WTC is providing resources and opportunities to girls and young women in schools. A hallmark of this vision is seen in the widley successfull SheTech Explorer conferencees. 

According to WTC, they "provide leadership, resources and mentoring for women while maintaining a strong bond with the business community supporting avenues for top technology talent and visible sponsorship opportunites." The co-founders host a wide variety of experiences and are ambitious women with experience on a mission to inspire and provide women with necessary avenues and supports to contibute and succeed in a tech driven world. 

Many events, conferences, and partnerships surround this organization, so follow along and make some connections!  Take a look at a brief part of what WTC does with this film about SheTech. 


Information and portions of text taken from Women Tech Council.  


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