Ready, Set, Go!

Latinos in Action Conference

Education conferences abound in the spring, and Latinos in Action (LIA) is one of the stars. LIA will host three Utah conferences this season:



Thousands of students will participate this year to learn leadership, culture, service, and excellence in education. Guest presenters, community partnerships, and educational workshops will use the conference time to progress the organization’s mission and objectives through the teens involved. To get a great idea of what goes on, and see a behind the scenes look into the origin of LIA, read the story from the Standard Examiner.

LIA currently serves 110 schools, 100 located in 25 of Utah’s school districts; including high need districts.  Among the middle and high schools participating, the students are paired with elementary school students as mentors and tutors which bring the LIA impact and reach into the thousands.  There are also LIA chapters to college students. 

A hallmark of the program is the strong character focus inspiring young men and women to aspire to live better lives through education and service while using their culture as a point of pride and unity.

UtahFutures and American Graduate Utah had the opportunity to participate at the Weber State conference (and will also be at the other conferences) to witness the great sense of pride, leadership, and contribution of the organization and of LIA students!  


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