Utah System of Higher Education
Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority

Steering Committee: Dave Buhler, Spencer Jenkins
Advisory Board: Steve Rogers

Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) is directed by the Governor appointed Board of Regents, which is comprised of Utah's eight public colleges and universities. Dave Buhler, the CEO of USHE and the Commissioner of Higher Education, is responsible for making recommendations to, and implementing the policies of, the State Board of Regents. Promoting economic and social benefits of higher education is the main focus of USHE, as is upholding and perpetuating Utah's goal of having 66% of adults hold a higher education credential by the year 2020. In conjunction with USHE, Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) acts under authority delegated by the Board of Regents and Commissioner Dave Buhler. UHEAA guides families through the financing of higher education by teaching students the many facets of educational financial literacy. Their mission is student success in financing, providing a positive student loan experience, and aid in removing financial barriers in order to help students complete their educational goals. Together, USHE and UHEAA strive to innovate the world of higher education and fuel the state's economy leading to greater quality of life for Utahns.